Thursday, January 7, 2010

something that turns me down...='(

It was very scary when i was facing my interview last year.(the 2 days befor school ends)
so now i am a trial prefect which was a good news to me, my family and also my certain friends..
but..... at the first day i went to school( i mean 2010), i had failed to find my senior(her name is very difficult to pronous)
what was a bad begining.... And at the 2nd day, i started my duty which was at the drink stall with another prefect(my classmate)that was the 1st time i saw my senior. She is sitting in front of me and eating with the head prefect so scary scene!!!
i knew her when i saw her name tag.
and the following days, i forgot to bring 1 of my exercise books and was scolded by my BM teacher.
wat a bad day!!! =(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long time no see everyone!

very long time i didnt update my blog
sry everyone!!!

but now is already 11:07p.m. d......
so must stop writing le....
bye byes....

Saturday, May 30, 2009


why must make this sound???? arg!!!
/firstly, i cannot connect my msn and i cant watch my movie through Internet...
/secondly,i was forced by my mum to sleep during day time and it is the 2nd day of my holiday!
/third, today my sunday school held a family family joined the event. but when there were games my parents let my sis to go and play becauuse my father is so, extremely, super wise as she selected my sis as the participate. so my sis won the game at last. so happy we go a basket of fruits because my sunday school is all vegetarian no meat but there are sweets inside the basket. and my sis and brother also took part in another game.they also won it and recieve 2 packets of candies each and my iss is so generous as she gave me one.
/forth, thats all for today's report bye everyone
give some comment.

Friday, May 29, 2009

my enjoying days has started

OK now. Whats are the enjoying days?
Ans: my holidays(mid year)
I would like to use my this long holidays with:
  • revision
  • playing computer games (but my maple dunno y cannot open)
  • reading novels -SARAH DAN ANTING-ANTING
  • sleeping
  • exercising
  • watching television

So, can u all pls give me some other choices or sharing ur's plan with me!

remember ya......Happy Holiday to u all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Georgian Fiesta

Tomorrow is Georgian Fiesta (only georgian know what am i talking about).
My class 1 Zamrud will sell char koay teow (CKT).Other class will sell fluid, McDonalds, pizza, cup cakes, chocalates.................(many many many more)
I'm so exciting because my shift is 8:00am to 10:00am early in the morning. And the second shift is for the music club. They will do a balloon stall. Last few days, we were busy learning how to twist the long balloon.So scary man!!!!!
I wish the fiesta will successfully held tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last Saturday, I went back to my primary scool to recieve my RM100..

Afetr i recieve my money, my friends and I had our lovely lunch at the nearby ASIA cafe.Really nice there but not enough places for us (about 10++ppl)
My school very stingy,juz gave RM100 for those 7A's.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my school, St.George!

2 months past so fast....

i feel glad to study in ym dream school.St.GEORGE , which was a suitable,comfortable nhappy place.i enjoy myself at this friends were nice while my teachers were sweet !some of them chubby,some skinny, N me is shorty!!!haha

it was a wonderful place for me to enjoy my form 1 to form 6 here.although i need to stay back until 6 p.m.,but i wont feel bored ,the time past swiftly!

St.George ,i love u!!!